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National Institutes of Health: The Basics

Biomedical research faces enormous challenges as the volume of genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic, phenotypic, and other data generated in research labs across the world continues to grow. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the total amount of sequence data alone is doubling every seven months. Although analyzing this staggering amount of data presents the potential…
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What Studies Show About Calcium For Heart Condition

The numbers reported in the media about the proportion of the risk of having a heart attack may seem alarming. However, when you consider the actual number of study participants who took calcium supplements and suffered a heart attack, this is actually very small: of the 354 people who had a heart attack, only 20…
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3 Effective Remedies At Home For Hernias

If you suffer from hernias, here’s a list of some home remedies you can prepare at home. We’re sure they’ll help reduce your pain! Hernias can be extremely painful, and although medical attention is essential, there are certain effective home remedies to treat them. The consequences of not treating them can lead to serious complications…
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Vitamins And Supplements For People Over 60 Years Old

In old age, the body no longer absorbs the nutrients it needs as it does in youth, because hormones do not work properly. In addition, personal care at this stage of life becomes little constant, due to the tiredness that can occur, in part because of that lack of vitamins that the body needs. From…
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